Open Frame Touch Screen – What Is It Really?

openframe touch screen

There are many open frame touch screen models available in the market. These screens use different technology, but the most common are projected capacitance (ProCap), infrared (IR), and surface acoustic wave (SAW). A small open frame touch screen is most likely to use projected capacitance technology.

 But what are open frame monitors and what are they normally used for? An open frame monitor has a screen plus enough support to house the electronic components for such screen. A structure needs to be provided to support such types of screens. Open frame monitors are usually designed to be the viewing and interactive part of certain pieces of equipment, thus most of them are small.

 You may have seen some of these monitors built onto the cabinets of arcade games. Some may be used in the information kiosks that you often find in museums, hospitals, exhibits, and trade shows. Industrial applications include the viewing and input screens of various types of usually automated machinery.

 Larger open frame touch screens are usually of the infrared and surface acoustic wave types. These have to be integrated into supporting framework, such as cabinets, recessed into walls, partitions or tables. Their size makes them ideal for a greater number of useful applications, such as:

Advertising Billboards: Large size touch monitors make an ideal platform for creating an impressive display of offered products and services. They are especially effective when used indoors or partially sheltered outdoor locations such as covered walkways with high foot traffic. When intended for use by prospective clients, who may not know how to properly use them, the monitors need to be appropriately protected. You may ask for a tempered glass covering, software that rejects palm touches, and security enhancements to limit access.

Work Collaboration: These touch monitors may be embedded onto walls or tables to create a place to interact with colleagues or clients. This is especially effective when discussing engineering projects, advertising campaigns and exhibition particulars with clients. Feedback can then be instantly recorded and acted upon, tremendously increasing work efficiency. Large touch monitor frames embedded in conference room walls are great at facilitating presentations and discussions.

As Teaching Aides: It is not only professionals who benefit from the interactive qualities of touch frame screens, students also do. While not all students are verbally articulate, such screens enable majority of students to fully express their ideas on the spot. For young students especially, the attraction offered by interactive screens is very effective in facilitating both learning and retention.

In Arcade Games: Large multi touch monitor frames used on arcade game consoles take gaming to higher level of interaction and enjoyment. Multiple players can use such screens either as a team or as protagonists. If arcade games are to pick up again, using large touch monitors may just be the thing that makes it happen.

Whatever size open frame monitor you need, it is probably available in the market and organizations like the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) can help you find them. When you don’t need your touch screen monitor to be able to stand alone, open frame touch screens are great alternatives.