A Look into Managed IT Services

Managed It service, which is very much related to IT support, is now becoming a resolve for many businesses that are seeking to go the technology way. What exactly are managed IT services philadelphia? These are services that enable a business to release all their IT operations to a managed service provider (MSP) who takes over the responsibility of 24/7 management, monitoring as well as problem solving of all the IT systems in the business.

Managed IT services actually began with the break-fix services whereby an organization would wait until the system broke down then they would call the break-fix company who would try and get the problem fixed. With time, the support people developed a system and programs that involved periodically coming on-site for a routine system review, checking for a hint of any issue and correcting it before it became a major problem. The main disadvantage here was that the support people only saw what happened on that given day and incase an issue occurred later, they wouldn’t know unless the client called them. For this reason, the systems were prone to breaking down at any time.


This is how Managed IT services came to be. In fact, there is a Managed Services software that is in place which enables the providers to look into achieving two main goals:

Any symptom of risk in your network is detected before happening or when it is happening, and an alert is sent, notifying your MSP about it. Every alert received by the MSP is important as well as has to be addressed.

A close achievement of these goals means a more effective managed service and better chances of avoiding an emergency.

Similar to large companies, smaller businesses require technology for an efficient operation and better competition. However, there are limited resources for supporting their IT needs and these can quickly get depleted. At the same time, it is crucial that the business keeps up with patches, security and backups otherwise they will be faced by a serious IT outage.

The advantage of Managed IT Services over the break-fix system is that you are able to prevent the occurrence of any IT issues such that they will not cause any disruption in the running of your business. The good news is, considering the downtime cost, managed services can actually be cheaper and more efficient than the break-fix services!

Managed services have quite a number of benefits for your business. These include:

Problems will be discovered and fixed before having any negative impact on your business. It ensures proper running of your computer network. Due to the fixed charging rate, you will be in a position to control and minimize on your business’ overall spending. Due to the 24/7 monitoring, you will have an increased level of security and comfort. Reduced downtime. An overall increase in efficiency.

MSPs usually offer their services at a fixed monthly rate. The price usually depends on services counted in the given program and the number of devices.